Step 1 - Get an accurate valuation

Book a free valuation with us and we will advise you on the current market value for your property.

To get a feel for the market, start keeping an eye out for similar properties for sale in your area and what prices they are being marketed at.

Step 2 - Agree the method of sale

You have more options than you might think in terms of how we can sell your property:

Private Treaty - most people opt to sell their house by private treaty which simply means the normal route of putting your house on the market with an estate agent at an agreed asking price.

Off Market - a discreet sales approach allowing sellers to test the market without fully committing to selling. 

Step 3 - Spread the word

Farrelly & Southern Estate Agents will develop a tailored marketing plan for your property, to maximise its visibility on the open market. Websites, brochures, For Sale boards, professional photographs, quality brochures - we do whatever it takes to help your property get noticed.

Step 4 - Make a strong impression at viewings

When it comes to preparing your property for public viewings, the smallest of changes can make a huge difference - and they needn't cost a fortune. We can offer personalised and tailored presentation advice to give your property the edge.

Step 5 - Look after the legals

Bring in the experts and appoint a solicitor to look after all the legal formalities associated with the sale of a property (known as conveyancing). Don't forget that their fee may be calculated as a percentage of the asking price, or as a flat fee, so allow funds for this. There are also some legal formalities to address with your estate agent, such as anti-money laundering documentation and a building energy rating certificate.

Step 6 - Consider your offers

When buyers start making offers you can either accept one or stand firm and wait for higher ones. Your agent is trained in negotiation skills and will advise you on the best course of action.

Step 7 - Agree to sell

When you agree to accept a buyers offer you will also need to agree on all of the items that are to be included in the sale and on a date for completion. The buyer will pay a deposit (typically 5%) at this stage as a sign of good faith, which is refundable if they decide to pull out of the sale before the contract signing phase. At this point the buyer may also arrange for a structural survey. Their lending institution will also arrange for a valuation.

Step 8 - Contracts Signed & Exchanged

Your solicitor will invite you to sign unconditional contracts. The signed contract is firstly signed by the buyer and then sent back to your solicitor for counter-signing by you. The balance of the 10% deposit is paid by the buyer at this point.

Step 9 - Completion

Your solicitor will arrange the completion date to suit your personal requirements and the remainder of the money from the sale (usually 90%) is transferred into your solicitors account. The property needs to be vacated, the keys handed over to the new owner and for you to start looking for your next property!